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Railway Tie plates,Track Bolts Manufacturer for Nanjing Metro Line 3

May 29, 2021
Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) provided ZX-2 railway tie plates, WJ-2 tie plates, I-type seperate tie plates and different kinds of track bolts for Nanjing Metro Line 3.

The Nanjing Metro is an urban rail transit serving Nanjing, China, and various areas of the Nanjing Metropolitan Area. Its first subway line opened on May 15, 2005.
Till December 2020, Nanjing Metro has opened a total of 10 operating lines, including lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, S1, S3, S7, S8, and S9, all of which use the subway system, with a total of 174 stations. The total length of the Nanjing Metro line is 378 km and the total length of the line ranks 6th in China (after Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Shenzhen), covering 11 municipal districts of Nanjing. Nanjing became China's first city will all districts and counties to cover subways.
Nanjing Metro Line 3 is the sixth subway line opened by Nanjing Metro and the second river crossing line opened by Nanjing Metro. It was officially opened on April 1, 2015, and its logo color is green.
Nanjing Metro Line 3 has a total length of 44.9 km, of which the underground section is 42.5 km and the elevated section is 2.4 km; a total of 29 stations are set up, including 28 underground stations and 1 elevated station; the train adopts 6 A-type drum trains The marshalling, with a maximum running speed of 80 km/h, is jointly manufactured by CSR Nanjing Puzhen Vehicle Co., Ltd., Xinyu Group, and Bombardier Transportation Sweden Co., Ltd.

Rail Fasteners, Steel Tie Plates for Metro Rail Fastening System - Anyang Railway Equipment 
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