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professional manufacturer
Anyang Railway
Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 2001, it has 18 modern professional production lines, 800 employers, more than 1,000 sets of various equipment, professional equipment, inspection, testing, and test equipment. It has cast, rolling, elastic clips, fish plate, baffle, rubber, anti-corrosion, heat treatment, standard parts, screw spikes, gauge rods, etc 12 production workshops.
Since its establishment, Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd has become a key international player in the Railway fixing construction materials market, it has been supplying millions of components to global industry leaders in the railway sector.
Main Products
Railway fastening systems: E-clip rail fastening system, SKL clip rail fastening system, Nabla clip rail fastening system, KPO clip rail fastening system, fast rail fastening system, etc.
Rail fasteners: rail fish plates(rail joint bars), rail tie plates(rail base plates), elastic rail clips, screw spikes, dog spikes, rail bolts, nuts, rail anchors, rails pads, railway shoulders, etc.
Rail joints: standard rail joints, joggled rail joints, compromised rail joints and fish bolts, etc.
Railway Sleepers: Composite Sleepers(Synthetic Sleepers)
20 years of factory development
18 types of production line guarantee
12 production workshops
1000+ equipment production
Customized for various product and international standards such as AREMA railway standard, BS railway standard, UIC railway standard, DIN railway standard, South American railway standard, South Africa railway standard, etc. We can provide goods according to drawings and technical requirement.
In 2008, participated in the drafting of China Railway Industry Standards.
In 2011, built telegraph pole factory and railway sleepers factory in Sudan, which can produce fasteners 1,200,000 sets/year and sleepers 500,000 pcs/ year.
In 2013, Designed the sleeper and fastening system for Melbourne Metro Line and got Approval Certificate issued by MTM SME GROUP.
In 2019, jointed venture company-- Vossloh (Anyang) Track Material Co., Ltd was established.
Our Vision
Our vision is to provide solutions and products that are characterized by high quality and long service life under all kinds of different load stresses and climate conditions.
We are a team of over 800 employees working across over 20 global locations, we are a passionable team, continuously progressing and working together to put the customer first, we would like to contribute what we can do every day.
In order for global customers to use safer, more reliable , and more durable railway materials, we are always ready to face the challenges of our railway infrastructure customers.