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Company Profile
professional manufacturer
Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd founded in 2001, has more than 1,300 employees, 20 domestic and foreign production workshops, 25 modern production lines, and more than 1,000 sets of professional equipment, the annual output value is 1 billion CNY, it is one of the main suppliers of railway rail fasteners for China Railway Corporation. The group company consists of Henan Zhongbo Track Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., Vossloh (Anyang) Track Material Co., Ltd, Henan Funing Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huibo Investment Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Huibo (Sudan) Factory for Railway Cement Sleeper and Accessories Factory, Chad Mining Headquarters, Yangtze Railroad Material Co., Ltd in America and other domestic and foreign subsidiaries.
Based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 50001, ANTIE EQUIPMENT has implemented the "7S" management system for many years and successfully introduced an excellent performance management model in 2016. ANTIE EQUIPMENT has obtained 30 CRCC certificates, 30 utility model patents, and 2 invention patents. It has carried out scientific and technological innovations in particular areas such as plateau, alpine, windy sand, and acid rain areas and has achieved significant breakthroughs. ANTIE EQUIPMENT takes "innovation to promote green development" as its development concept. In recent years, it has continuously promoted the application of energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies, laying a solid foundation for the construction of green enterprises.
Main Products
The main products of ANTIE EQUIPMENT include rail clips, rail spikes, bolts, tie plates, elastic tie plates, section steel, gauge plates, fishplates, rubber and plastic products, brake shoes, and more than 100 railway products. ANTIE EQUIPMENT drives innovation with technology, adheres to the road of specialization and intelligence, and fully promotes the operation of production lines such as hot rolling screw spikes, rolled tie plates, injection products, damping materials, and height-adjustment pads. In the past 10 years, ANTIE EQUIPMENT's products have successfully moved from conventional railways, and subways to urban rail and high-speed rail fasteners. ANTIE EQUIPMENT can provide customized and mass-produced synthetic sleepers, synthetic evacuation walkways, steel goosenecks, and steel bridges, processing U rib for bridges, bridge guardrails, steel brackets, etc.
20 years of factory development
18 types of production line guarantee
12 production workshops
1000+ equipment production
Customized for various product and international standards such as AREMA railway standard, BS railway standard, UIC railway standard, DIN railway standard, South American railway standard, South Africa railway standard, etc. We can provide goods according to drawings and technical requirement.
In 2008, participated in the drafting of China Railway Industry Standards.
In 2011, built telegraph pole factory and railway sleepers factory in Sudan, which can produce fasteners 1,200,000 sets/year and sleepers 500,000 pcs/ year.
In 2013, Designed the sleeper and fastening system for Melbourne Metro Line and got Approval Certificate issued by MTM SME GROUP.
In 2019, jointed venture company-- Vossloh (Anyang) Track Material Co., Ltd was established.
Our Vision
Our vision is to provide solutions and products that are characterized by high quality and long service life under all kinds of different load stresses and climate conditions. We are a team of over 100 employees working across over 20 global locations, we are a passionable team, continuously progressing and working together to put the customer first, we would like to contribute what we can do every day.
ANTIE EQUIPMENT has long-term and stable cooperation with China Railway, CREC, CRCC, CCCC, and other group companies, and has gradually reached strategic alliance agreements, which are highly praised. The fasteners independently developed by ANTIE EQUIPMENT were used in the Sudan Railway runs 1,350 km, the Ethiopian National Railway, and the light rail runs 700 km, and the China-Laos Railway, the flagship project under the ambitious Belt and Road Initiative runs 1,035 km, Padma Bridge Railway in Bangladesh, Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail in Indonesia and other projects. Fishplates, rail clips, and other products were sold in the United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, Vietnam, etc countries.
In a country with strong transportation, railways go first. Standing at the new historical starting point, the ANTIE EQUIPMENT team is in high spirits, strive to create a new situation of high-quality development, continues to write the "new speed" of ANTIE EQUIPMENT's development, strives to play a new movement for railways, and are committed to building a world-class brand and world-class railway fasteners supplier!