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II Type Rail Clip

The Railway Fastclip system is suitable for use with all forms of pre-cast elements, including mono block, independent blocks and slab panel. Pre-cast elements may be cast-in or resiliently mounted. The Fast clip system can be delivered to site fully pre-assembled (captive) on pre-cast concrete elements.
Technical Support
Item II type rail clip
Diameter Φ13
Weight 0.488kg/pc
Material 60Si2Mn
Buckle Pressure 10kN
Working Deformation 10mm
Fastening Method with bolt fastening
Surface Plain Oiled, Oxygen Black, Zinc Plated, Hot Dip Galvanized, Dacro coating, Color Painting
Package Moven Bag, Pallet
Delivery Depends on order

Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd is professional manufacturer and supplier of railway fastening systems, with clip I, clip II and clip III as our most popular products, we also offer other types spring clips like E-type clips, high speed railway clips, SKL rail clips, Russia rail clips, Fast Clips, Korea clips, Deenik clips, Nabla spring blade, etc.
Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd has 6 automatic spring clips production lines and 2 manual spring clips production lines. Fabricated with optimum quality raw materials, these elastic rail clips are designed with high precision which impart high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. Our products can also be customized according to clients' requirements.  
Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd is able to 50 million pcs of spring clips per year for clients both at home and abroad.
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