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Type III Split Fastening Systems Supplier for Xian Metro Line 15

May 15, 2024
Xi'an  Metro Line 15 is a subway line under construction in Xi'an Metro. It is located in Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, China. The first phase of construction started on September 29, 2020, and is expected to be opened in 2025. Operations, its signature color is pink.
The first phase of Xi'an Metro Line 15 runs in an east-west direction, starting from Xiliu Station in the west and ending at Hanjiawan Station in the east. It is a backbone line that runs through the southern part of the main urban area of Xi'an. This line connects Chang'an District, Xi'an High-tech Zone, and Xi'an National Civil aerospace industry base, three areas. After the line is completed and put into operation, it will greatly shorten the spatial distance between Chang'an University Town and adjacent industrial parks and urban areas, and is of great significance to promoting scientific and technological education, cultural tourism and rapid development in southern Xi'an.
The first phase of Xi'an Metro Line 15 has a total length of 19.468 km, all underground lines, with a total of 13 stations, and interchanges with the already operating Lines 2, 4, and 6. The line is planned to use A-type 6 electric buses, equipped with fully automatic driving technology, with a maximum operating speed of 100 kilometers per hour.
In 2024, Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT). provided 38,460 sets of Type III split fastening systems to the first phase of Xi'an Metro Line 15.
Fastening Systems Drawing Product Qty(pcs) Material
Type III                                  split fastening systems 1510300-S-GD-01-110 Rubber Pad 38460 Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer
1510300-S-GD-01-106 Insulator 76920 PA66
Special Line 3328-3-I-3 Type III Rail Clip 76920 60Si2MN
1510300-S-GD-01-108 Anchor Bolt 76920 45#
GB95 Flat Washer 30 76920 Q235-A
GB7244 Heavy Duty Spring Washer 30 76920 60Si2MN
1510300-S-GD-01-105 Adjustable Gauge Clamp 76920 QT450-10
1510300-S-GD-01-104 Steel Baseplate 38460 QT450-10
1510300-S-GD-01-111 Rubber Pad Under Baseplate 38460 Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer
1510300-S-GD-01-112 Height Adjustable Pad Under Baseplate / Rubber Composite Elastomer

Type III Split Fastening Systems Manufacturer for  Xi'an Metro Line 15