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Type II Rail Fastening System

1. Type II rail fastening systems (also called Spring clip II fastenings) are suitable for connecting 60kg/m steel rails and prestressed concrete sleepers, prestressed wide concrete sleepers, and monolithic track beds on straight lines of standard gauge railways and lines with a radius of R≥300m;
2. When the fastener is assembled, the torque of the nut is controlled at 100~140N.m;
3. Adjust the top height of the rail by inserting a height-adjusting pad, and the maximum height-adjustment amount is 10mm;
4. Adopt the combination of different models of gauge baffle and baffle seat to adjust the gauge, the adjustment amount is -12~+8mm.
Technical Support
No. Standard Item Quantity Material Weight or Volume
1 TB564-92 screw spike 4 Q235-A 2.376kg
2 GB41-2000 hex nut 4 Q235-A 0.448kg
3 TB/T1495.4-92 flat washer 4 Q235-A 0.276kg
4 TB/T3065.2-92 spring clip 4 60Si2CrA 1.916kg
5 TB/T1495.3-92 gauge    baffle 6#, 2# each 2pcs Q235-A 2.642kg
6 TB/T1495.5-92 baffle seat 4 Polyamide6 153cm3
7   rubber pad 2 rubber 505cm3
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