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Type II Railway Fastening System ( Type II Rail Fastener System)

1. Type II rail fastening systems (also called Spring clip II fastenings) are suitable for connecting 60kg/m steel rails and prestressed concrete sleepers, prestressed wide concrete sleepers, and monolithic track beds on straight lines of standard gauge railways and lines with a radius of R≥300m;
2. When the fastener is assembled, the torque of the nut is controlled at 100~140N.m;
3. Adjust the top height of the rail by inserting a height-adjusting pad, and the maximum height-adjustment amount is 10mm;
4. Adopt the combination of different models of gauge baffle and baffle seat to adjust the gauge, the adjustment amount is -12~+8mm.
Technical Support
Type-I Rail Fastener System Manufacturer - Anyang Railway EquipmentType-II Rail Fastener System Factory - Anyang Railway Equipment

China Type II Rail Fastening System Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
1. Type-II Rail Fastening System Coponents List
Type Product Specification Standard/Drawing Unit Q'ty
Type-II Rail Fastening System screw spike 24*195 TB/T564 Pcs 2
nut M24 GB41 Pcs 2
rail clip II-type  TB/T3065.2 Pcs 2
gauge baffle plates 6# TB/T1495.3 Pcs 1
gauge baffle plates 10# TB/T1495.3 Pcs 1
flat washer 25*50*6 TB/T1495.4 Pcs 2
rubber pad IIIa TB/T2626 Pcs 1
nylon baffle seat 2-4# TB/T1495.5 Pcs 2

2. Technical Parameters
Fastening type   Type I Rail Clip Type I Rail Clip adjusted   Type II Rail Clip
Application conditions   <120 km/h  120~200 km/h  Application conditions  
Conventional resistance section  
Standard TB/T 1495  TB 1911  TB/T 3065 
Applicable Rail Sleeper Type   Type I and II concrete shoulders Type Ⅲ concrete shoulders 
Rail Clip Type   Type A Type B  Type A Type II
Clamping force 8 kN  9 kN  8 kN  10 kN 
Stretch range 9 mm  8 mm  9 mm  10 mm 
Fastening method Rail Bolt Fasten  
Tightening torque   About 80 to 120 N.m about 120 to 150 N.m (small radius section) about 100~140 N.m 
Rail longitudinal resistance >7.5 kN  >9 kN 
Rail Pad Set  Single-layer rubber rail pad between rail and sleeper  
Model  60-10-11  60-10-17 60-12-17  
185×149×10  190×149×10(12) 
90~120 kN/mm  55~80 kN/mm 
Standard  TB/T2626 
Steel Rail Height   Rail surface height  186mm 
  10 mm  20 mm  10 mm 
Adjust position   Under the rails, adjust rail pad height 
gauge   adjust amount   -8~+12 mm  -12~+8 mm 
adjust method   Adjust by replacing different numbers of gauge and baffle seats  
adjust level   2mm 
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