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3,294 sets of 60kg/m joint bars and 4,722 sets of 50kg/m joint bars supplier for the Guinea Masi Railway Project.

Dec 27, 2023
The length of the railway from Maribaya Port to Simandou Mining Area in Guinea has a total length of 552.5km. It is located in southern Guinea and passes through four major regions: Kindia, Mamu, Falana and Kangkang. The line leads from Maribaya Port, runs eastward to Forrekalia and is laid close to the border between Guinea and Sierra Leone. It passes through Kelam and Madina, and then passes through the KURU Mountains in the southern part of the Futagalong Plateau via the 11.62km Kindia Tunnel. , take the 8.88km Mamu Tunnel through Kasa to Urqaba, pass through Tagania and Raya, away from the border, go eastward through Falana and Fria, and walk along the southern edge of the Upper Niger National Park, passing A loading station will be set up on the west side of the Simandou mining area from Duwako and Nyalinko to the southeast through Diancuya and Kailuane.
For the newly built railway from Maribaya Port to Simandou Mining Area in Guinea, China Railway No. 1 Group Co., Ltd. is responsible for the main line length of 2.5km and includes the track laying project of the CK0+000~CK148+430 (Jindia Tunnel Entrance) section; Mariba Track laying and branching of the station lines at Yagang, Musaya and Koriba; T-beam fabrication project in the CK0+000~CK191+385 (Mamu Tunnel entrance) section. The construction unit is Win Alliance Simandou Railway Company.
In 2023, Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) provided 3,294 sets of 60kg/m joint bars (with fish bolts) and 4,722 sets of 50kg/m joint bars (with fishbolts) to the Guinea Masi Railway Project.
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