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Rail Fastening Systems for Changchun Metro Line 1

May 28, 2021
Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) provided DTVI2 rail fastening systems, DI18 rail joint bars, DI18 rail intermediate rail joint bars, DJK5-1 A-type rail joint bars, DJK5-1 B-type rail joint bars, 50kg A-type rail joint bars, 50kg B-type rail joint bars, 60kg B-type rail joint bars for Changchun Metro Line 1.

Changchun Rail Transit Line 1
, also known as Changchun Metro Line 1, is the third rail transit line in operation in Changchun and the first subway line in Changchun. Opened on the 30th.
According to the official website of Changchun Rail Transit in December 2021, the total length of the first phase of Changchun Rail Transit Line 1 is 18.14 km and a total of 15 stations, all of which are underground stations.

DTVI2 Rail Fastening System for Changchun Metro Line 1 Manufacturer- Anyang Railway Equipment
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