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Type I Railway Fastening System ( Type I Rail Fastener System)

Type I rail fastening system is suitable for 50kg/m and 60kg/m rails that fixed on concrete shoulders, it’s unnecessary to be fixed with rail clamp, due to it has good elasticity, less force loss and better maintain the geometric shape of rail track, so I type rail fasteners have become the popular and main fasteners in Chinese railway with concrete sleepers.
There are two types of elastic rail clips, A and B, their shape like ω, so I type rail fasteners also called ω fastener or ω-shaped elastic clips.
A type E-clip or B type E-clip is made of 60Si2Mn or 55Si2Mn hot-rolled spring steel bar, HRC 41-46, rail under the pad's static stiffness of 90 ~ 120kN / mm
Technical Support
Type I Rail Fastener Sytem Manufacturer - Anyang Railway EquipmentType II Rail Fastener System Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment

China Type I Railway Rail Fastening System Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
Type I Railway Fastening System Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
1. Type-I Rail Fastening System Coponents List
Type Product Specification Standard/Drawing Unit Q'ty
Type-I Rail Fastening System screw spike 24*195 TB/T564 Pcs 2
nut M24 GB41 Pcs 2
rail clip A/B  TB∕T1495.2 Pcs 2
gauge baffle plates 14# TB∕T1495.3 Pcs 1
gauge baffle plates 20# TB∕T1495.3 Pcs 1
flat washer 25*50*6 TB∕T1495.4 Pcs 2
rubber pad P50-10-9 TB∕T2626 Pcs 1
nylon baffle seat 2-4# TB∕T1495.5 Pcs 2

2. Technical Parameters
Fastening type   Type I Rail Clip Type I Rail Clip adjusted   Type II Rail Clip
Application conditions   <120 km/h  120~200 km/h  Application conditions  
Conventional resistance section  
Standard TB/T 1495  TB 1911  TB/T 3065 
Applicable Rail Sleeper Type   Type I and II concrete shoulders Type Ⅲ concrete shoulders 
Rail Clip Type   Type A Type B  Type A Type II
Clamping force 8 kN  9 kN  8 kN  10 kN 
Stretch range 9 mm  8 mm  9 mm  10 mm 
Fastening method Rail Bolt Fasten  
Tightening torque   About 80 to 120 N.m about 120 to 150 N.m (small radius section) about 100~140 N.m 
Rail longitudinal resistance >7.5 kN  >9 kN 
Rail Pad Set  Single-layer rubber rail pad between rail and sleeper  
Model  60-10-11  60-10-17 60-12-17  
185×149×10  190×149×10(12) 
90~120 kN/mm  55~80 kN/mm 
Standard  TB/T2626 
Steel Rail Height   Rail surface height  186mm 
  10 mm  20 mm  10 mm 
Adjust position   Under the rails, adjust rail pad height 
gauge   adjust amount   -8~+12 mm  -12~+8 mm 
adjust method   Adjust by replacing different numbers of gauge and baffle seats  
adjust level   2mm 
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