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Type III Railway Fastening System (Type III Rail Fastener System)

Type III Railway Rail Fastening System Produced by Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd was popularly installed in China such as Guanghzou Metro 4, Guanghzou Metro 7, Guanghzou Metro 12, Guanghzou Metro 13, Kunming Metro 3, Kunming Metro 5, Zhengzhou Metro 8, Xi'an Metro 8, Changsha Metro 1, Changsha Metro 5, etc.

Type III Rail Fastening System (also called Type III elastic fasteners) are fasteners without bolts and shoulders. Fasteners without bolts and shoulders are the development trend of sleeper fasteners all over the world, and are especially suitable for heavy-load, large-volume, and high-density transportation conditions.

Technical Support
Type III Fastening Systems Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment

1. Type-III Rail Fastening System Coponents List
Type Product Specification Standard/Drawing Unit Q'ty
Type-III Rail Fastening System rail clip III special line (01)3328-3 Pcs 2
rail shoulder IIIb special line (01)3328-4 Pcs 2
Insulating gauge block 9#/11# special line (01)3328-6 Pcs 2
rubber pad IIIb special line(01)3328-5 Pcs 1

2. Technical Features of Type III elastic fasteners
Type III Rail Fastening System have the advantages of large buckling force and good elasticity, especially the elimination of concrete sleeper shoulders, which eliminates the possibility of rail bottom lateral movement under the action of lateral force, which causes the gauge to expand, so strong ability to keep the gauge of fasteners, and because of the cancellation of the bolt connection, the workload of fastener maintenance is greatly reduced.

The initial fastening pressure of a single railway track fixing eclip(the minimum buckle pressure after assembly) is not less than 11kN, the working deformation of the rail spring clip is 13mm; the maximum lateral force resistance of the fastener is 70KN (fatigue load); the gauge adjustment +4-8mm. Type III spring fasteners use cast shoulders embedded in the concrete sleepers to maintain the gauge and bear the lateral force. The steel rails are clamped by elastic clips, and nylon blocks are used as insulating parts to adjust the gauge.
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