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DZIII Rail Fastening System

DZIII Rail fastening system is a spring clip separated type, suitable for 60kg/m steel rail tunnel, U-shaped structure and ground sleeper type monolithic track bed section.
Technical Support
Technical indicators of DZIII railway track fixed fasteners:
(1) The fastening systems are DI elastic clips (φ18), which are divided into intermediate and joints, and the gauge pads are divided into intermediate and joint gauge pads;
(2) The buckle pressure of a single spring clip of the joint is 8.5kN, and the spring range is 9.5mm;
(3) The buckle pressure of the single spring clip in the middle is 8.25kN, and the spring range is 10.5mm;
(4) The vertical static stiffness of the fastener node is 20-40kN/mm;
(5) The anti-climb resistance of a set of fasteners is ≥ 11.5kN;
(6) The pull-out resistance of the embedded nylon casing is ≥60kN;
(7) The resistance values of the insulating parts of the fasteners are all greater than 108Ω;
(8) The fastener resists transverse fatigue load 35kN, and the load cycle is 3X106 times;
(9) The gauge adjustment amount is +8, -12mm; the horizontal adjustment amount is generally 20mm.
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