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Type DZIII Rail Fastening System ( DZIII Fastener System)

DZIII Railway Rail Fastening System Produced by Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd are popular used in China, such as Chengdu Metro 3, Chengdu Metro 6, Chengdu Metro 8, Chengdu Metro 10, Chengdu Metro 11, Chengdu Metro 13, Chengdu Metro 19, Chengdu Metro 30, Dongguan Metro 1, Guiyang Metro 1, Guiyang Metro 2, etc.

DZIII Rail fastening system is a spring clip separated type, suitable for 60kg/m steel rail tunnel, U-shaped structure and ground sleeper type monolithic track bed section.
Technical Support
1. DZIII Rail Fastening System Coponents List
Type Product Specification Standard/Drawing Unit Q'ty
DZIII Rail Fastening System rail clip     Pcs 2
insulating gauge block 9#   Pcs 1
insulating gauge block 10#   Pcs 1
polyester pad under rail     Pcs 1
anchor bolt     Pcs 2
double coil spring washer     Pcs 2
gauge adjustable gusset     Pcs 2
tie plates     Pcs 1
polyester pad under rail     Pcs 1
bolt dowel     Pcs 2

2. Technical indicators of DZIII railway track fixed fasteners:
(1) The fastening systems are DI elastic clips (φ18), which are divided into intermediate and joints, and the gauge pads are divided into intermediate and joint gauge pads;
(2) The buckle pressure of a single spring clip of the joint is 8.5kN, and the spring range is 9.5mm;
(3) The buckle pressure of the single spring clip in the middle is 8.25kN, and the spring range is 10.5mm;
(4) The vertical static stiffness of the fastener node is 20-40kN/mm;
(5) The anti-climb resistance of a set of fasteners is ≥ 11.5kN;
(6) The pull-out resistance of the embedded nylon casing is ≥60kN;
(7) The resistance values of the insulating parts of the fasteners are all greater than 108Ω;
(8) The fastener resists transverse fatigue load 35kN, and the load cycle is 3X106 times;
(9) The gauge adjustment amount is +8, -12mm; the horizontal adjustment amount is generally 20mm.
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