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DJK5-1 Rail Fastening System (DJK5-1 Fastener System)

DJK5-1 Rail fastening system is an spring clip separated type, suitable for inspection pits in 50kg/m rail depots and short sleeper monolithic track beds.
Technical Support
1. DJK5-1 Rail Fastening System Coponents List
Type Product Specification Standard/Drawing Unit Q'ty
DJK5-1 Rail Fastening System nut cover     Pcs 2
flat washer      Pcs 2
rail clip A/B    Pcs 2
tie plates     Pcs 1
intermediate gauge pad 8#   Pcs 1
intermediate gauge pad 10#   Pcs 1
T-bolt M22     Pcs 2
nut M22     Pcs 2
screw spike T24×150     Pcs 2
spring washer 24     Pcs 2
rubber pad  I-type   Pcs 1
rubber pad II-type   Pcs 1
nylon dowel     Pcs 2

2. Technical indicators of DJK5-1 railway rail fasteners:
(1) The fastening systems are generally for common railway way, and it has A and B elastic clips (φ13). The joint gauge pads at the rail joints use B-type spring clips, and the other parts are all A-type spring clips.
(2) The vertical static stiffness of the fastener node is 30~50kN/mm;
(3) The anti-climb resistance of a set of fasteners is not less than 11kN;
(4) The pull-out resistance of the pre-embedded nylon casing is > 60kN;
(5) The resistance values of the insulating parts are> 108Ω;
(6) There are two types of gauge pads: middle and joint;
(7) The gauge adjustment is +8, -12mm; the maximum horizontal adjustment is 30mm (10mm on the iron pad and 20mm under the iron pad).
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