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E2003 Railway Rail Elastic Clip for Fastening System

Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) has 8 automatic rail clip production lines, realize the automatic loading, hot forming, and heat treatment of rail clips, the maximum output is 120,000 Pcs/day.
Technical Support
  1. Raw Material: 60Si2Mn
  2. It is Hot Forged from Spring Steel Material Bar.
  3. Surface of Clip: It is free from burrs * rough surface and not injurious when Handling.
  4. Standard: BS
  5. Coating:  Plain, Oiled, Dacromet, Electrostatic Sprayed in place of Bituminous as China government has banned it due to high polluting factor.
  6. Hardness: HRC 44-48 range
  7. ISO Certification: Quality Management System Certification
  8. Packing: In Woven Bags Then in Pallets
Series Model Dia. Hardness
E rail clip III type rail clip ø18 44-48HRC
E1609 rail clip ø16
E1809 rail clip ø20
E1804 rail clip ø18
E1806 rail clip ø18
E1813 rail clip ø18
E2001 rail clip ø20
E2007 rail clip ø20
E2009 rail clip ø20
E2039 rail clip ø20
E2055 rail clip ø20
E2056 rail clip ø20
E2063 Rail Clip ø20
E2091 Rail Clip ø20
Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd can produce customized rail clips according to customers' drawings or samples!

Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) provides high quality E2003 Rail Clips for Railway Rail Fastener System, AT offers a warranty for a period of 12 Months from date of acceptance & certification in Purchaser's country against defects arising as a result of poor workmanship inferior quality of materials used in the manufacture and or any other defects which are not originated as a result of incorrect handling or faulty operations by the Purchaser.
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