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Type I Rail Clip for Fastening System

Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) has 8 automatic rail clip production lines, realize the automatic loading, hot forming, and heat treatment of rail clips, the maximum output is 120,000 Pcs/day.
Technical Support
Type I railway spring clips: also known as ω fasteners. The elastic clip is used for track fixing and needs to maintain a certain fixed pressure and sufficient strength. For 50kg/m rails, there are two types of rail baffles, namely intermediate gauge baffle and joint gauge baffle. Each type of rail baffle is divided into two numbers, 14 and 20. Except for the B-type spring clip used for the 14-section joint baffle, the rest are equipped with A-type elastic clips. There is only one type of gauge baffle for 60kg/m rail, which is divided into 6 and 10 numbers, and the B-type railway tension clips are evenly installed.
Standard for Type I rail elastic clip:
Screw Spike: TB/T 564
I type hexagon nut: C grade GB 41
Flat washer: TB/T 1495.4
Rail clip: TB/T 1495.2
Gauge baffle: TB/T 1495.3
Insulator seat: TB/T 1495.5
Item Type I Rail Elastic Clips
   A type rail clip B type rail clip
Buckle Pressure 8kN 9kN
Working Deformation 9mm 8mm
Weight 0.480kg/pc 0.452kg/pc
Diameter Φ13
Material 60Si2Mn
Fastening Method with bolt fastening
Surface Plain Oiled, Oxygen Black, Zinc Plated, Hot Dip Galvanized, Dacro coating, Color Painting
Package Moven Bag, Pallet
Delivery Depends on order

Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) is professional manufacturer and supplier of railway fastening systems, with clip I, clip II and clip III as our most popular products, we also offer other types spring clips like E-type clips, high speed railway clips, SKL rail clips, Russia rail clips, Fast Clips, Korea clips, Deenik clips, Nabla spring blade, etc.

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