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72,576 Sets of Tpe II fastening system and 18,964 pcs of M24*195 Anchor Bolts for Dazhun Line

Jun 24, 2023
The Dazhun Line is located at the junction of western Inner Mongolia and Shanxi Province, in the Zhungeer Coalfield. The east end of the line starts from Datong, an important town in northern Shanxi, and the west end connects to the main mining area of Zhungeer Coalfield. The existing Dazhun Line connects from Datong East Station, the hub of Datong, and goes west along Datong in Shanxi, Fengzhen City, Liangcheng County, Qingshuihe County, Helinger County, and Zhungeer Banner in Inner Mongolia, to Zhungeer Banner. Xuejiawan Station, with a total length of 264km, is the main transportation artery of Zhungeer Coalfield.
(1) The section of the Diandaigou link line (DLK0+000-DLK7+390) is replaced with 60kg/m steel rails and IIIa concrete sleepers, of which the length of the seamless line is 3.397km, and the length of the seamed line is 1.976km;
(2) Replacement of failed sleepers on the main track, including bridge sleepers and switch sleepers;
(3) Station track engineering: replacement of rails and switches at Jimingyi Station, Dahongcheng Station, Qingshuihe Station, Yanzhuang Station, and Waixigou Station.

In 2023, Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. will provide 72,576 sets of 60kg rail elastic type II fastening system (carry out the requirements of TB/T 3065-2020) and 18,964 pieces of M24*195 anchor bolts to the Dazhun Line and turnout equipment upgrading and transformation projects Bolts (carry out the requirements of TB/T 3065-2020 specification).
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