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T-Steel beam for Railway Bridge of Ningde Automobile Base

Aug 31, 2021
The special railway line of Ningde Automobile Base is the first special railway line independently invested and constructed by the local government in Fujian Province. It is 4.637km long and has a total investment of 612 million yuan. After crossing Gongqitou Mountain, cross Qidu River and arrive at Sanyu Station. The length of the mainline of the dedicated line is 1.815km.
It took only 140 days to complete the construction of the substructure of the bridge change project, which created positive conditions for the smooth pouring of the continuous beam of the turnout; the first bridge pile foundation was poured in the first month of construction, and the construction trestle bridge was closed 15 days in advance, 6 months in advance The construction speed of the Ningde Railway project, which has realized the tunnel connection and completed the offline construction within one year, is ahead of the construction plan.
The bridge project of the special railway line of Ningde Automobile Base is with 32m long and 95t pre-stressed concrete simply supported T-beam of Ningde Automobile Base uses a 32-meter-long, which was provided by Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd.

prestressed concrete simply supported T-Steel beam for railway bridge manufacturer from China--Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
The new design sidewalk T-shaped steel beams produced by Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. are mainly used for passenger and freight railroads with a speed of 160km/h and 200km/h, which can simplify construction, increase bearing capacity, and facilitate later maintenance.
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