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Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd provided T-beams for the Nanjing Jiangxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge

Sep 01, 2021
The world's first light-weight steel-concrete structure cable-stayed bridge-Nanjing Jiangxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge (Nanjing Yangtze River Fifth Bridge) is 665 meters long. It is a single-tower self-anchored, suspension cable-stayed bridge with a main span of 248 meters and a tower height of 109 meters. It was the first project in the world that use steel-concrete composite pylons on long-span cable-stayed bridges.
About 600 tons of prestressed concrete simply supported T-beams used on the Nanjing Jiangxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge were provided by Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd.
Steel Beams for Jiangsuxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge

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