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Joint Bars, Fishplates, Freeze Rail Joints Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment

Jun 23, 2023
The Shetou vehicle base of Xiamen Metro has access lines, test lines, lines outside the library, and lines inside the library. The total length of track laying is 12431m, of which: the length of the line inside the warehouse is 6218m; the length of the line outside the warehouse is 6231m (including the ground section of the entrance and exit line of 113m, and the length of the test line is 842m).
There are 35 sets of 50kg/m rail No. 7 single turnouts, 1 set of 50kg/m rail No. 7 turnouts with 5m spacing crossover lines, and 1 set of 60kg/m rail No. 9 single turnouts.
60kg/m steel rails are used for the test run line and the access section line, among which the test run line is a seamless line, which adopts contact welding, and a pair of 25m rails are laid at both ends of the turnout to connect with the basic rail of the turnout with frozen joints; the rest of the sections use 50kg/m steel rails , among which L1-16 and L18-L24 are divided into seamless lines inside, which can adopt contact welding, thermite welding and gas pressure welding. 12.5m-60-50kg/m special-shaped rail connection is set between the two types of rails.
Integral ballast is used for the inspection pits of the library line and the test line, and gravel ballast is used for the rest of the sections.
This project adopts domestic B-type vehicles, 6 marshalling, four motors and two trailers, axle load ≤ 14t, catenary power supply, and the curve outside the warehouse is the smallest
The radius is 150m.
The track-laying construction period of the Xiamen Metro Shetou depot is from December 2022 to June 2023, and the main contract period of the depot is until December 2023.

In 2023, Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. will provide P50 and P60 ordinary joint bars to Xiamen Metro Shetou depot (carry out TB/T 2345-2008 "Technical specifications for the procurement of 43kg/m~75kg/m as joint bar" standard) and P60 Freeze joint bars.
Joint Bars, Fishplates, Freeze Rail Joints Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment