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25550 Sets of WJ2A Fastening Systems for Tianjin Rail Transit Line Z4

Jun 24, 2023
The first phase of Tianjin Metro Line Z4 has a total length of 43.7 km, including approximately 17.4 km for the underground section, 24.9 km for the elevated section, 0.9 km for the open section, and 0.5 km for the roadbed section; There are a total of 24 stations along the entire line, with an average station spacing of about 1.8 km, including 12 underground stations, 11 elevated stations, and 1 ground station; Set up one new city parking lot and one Hangu depot respectively; Establish one Beitang Transportation Management Center; Huanggang Control Center (shared with B1 and Z2 lines); Yujiapu (shared); Transfer nodes (implemented synchronously with B3 and Z2 lines); Set up parking lot main transformer (long-term construction), Fifth Avenue main transformer, and Yushadao main transformer; The vehicle is an A-type vehicle, consisting of 4 motor vehicles, 2 trailers, and 6 cars in the initial, near, and long-term stages. The maximum operating speed is 120 km/h, and it is powered by a DC 1500 volt contact network.
In 2023, Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT). supplied 25550 sets of WJ2A fastening systems to Tianjin Rail Transit Line Z4 Phase I Project. The manufacturing and acceptance technical conditions of the main parts of the fasteners shall be in accordance with the Technical Conditions of WJ-2A Type Fastening System for Urban Rail Transit. The overall technical performance of the fastening systems should meet the relevant requirements of the manufacturing drawing, and follows the drawing of research line 1114.
WJ2A Fastening Systems Manufacturer  - Anyang Railway Equipment