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2,263 sets of Type I Fastening systems supplier for the Wuhan-Yichang Railway

Dec 27, 2023
The newly built Wuhan-Yichang section of the Shanghai-Chongqing-Chongqing high-speed railway from Hankou to Hanchuan East Line starts from Hanchuan East Station and connects to the existing Han-Yi Railway via the Southwest Contact Line, Wuhan Direct Line, and Changqing Contact Line. The total length of the line is 44.535km, of which 19.887km is used on the existing Hanyi Line and 24.648km of the newly built main line.
The length of the bridge is 23.196km, and the proportion of bridges is 94.1%. Four new lines including Xingouxi, Gexin, Xinggong and Gaoqiao will be built across the line.
The owner of the new Shanghai-Chongqing-Chongqing high-speed railway section from Wuhan to Yichang from Hankou to Hanchuan East is the Yangtze River Coastal Railway Group Hubei Co., Ltd., and the entrusted construction unit is China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. The planned construction period is: 884 calendar days.

In 2023, Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd.(AT) provided 2,263 sets of 50kg/m Type I Fastening systems to the Wuhan-Yichang section of the newly built Shanghai-Chongqing-Rongcheng high-speed railway from Hankou to Hanchuan East project (general areas; the supply of under-rail rubber pads and baffle seats should be considered for use in severe cold areas) , carried out the TB/T1495-2020 standard.
Type I Fastening systems supplier - Anyang Railway Equipment