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Large Qty of Railway Fastening Systems, Joint Bar Manufacturer for Jing-A Railway

Aug 05, 2023
The Jinghe-Alashankou section of the Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway is located in the northeast of Boertala Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture (hereinafter referred to as Bozhou) in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
The Jinghe-Alashankou section of the Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway is an important section of the China-Central Asia Railway. It mainly undertakes the transportation task of China-Europe (Central Asia) trains. The Jinghe-Alashankou section under construction is currently under construction. The two-line electrification operation with a design speed of 120 km/h will be carried out, and the four existing stations of Jinghe, Mushroom Beach, Bole East, and Alashankou will be rebuilt and expanded simultaneously.
This tender section is designed to solve the problems of "one customs inspection and two inspections" operations at the port station, interference with train arrivals and departures, and shunting operations, and the low capacity of the reloading yard. A new comprehensive inspection yard will be built between Alashankou Station and the border, and a new standard-gauge line will be built. 10.251km, and 9.364km of new broad-gauge lines. The container transshipment yard and transshipment zone 2 will be upgraded and transformed, and the connection line between the container transshipment yard and the quasi-gauge IV field will be newly built.
In 2023, Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) provided large qty elastic fastening systems, pinch plate rail fastening, rail joint splints, guard rail joint bars, guard rail spindles and curved rails to Jing-A Railway. The details are as follows:
Joint Bars Joint bars for 25m rail 5846 pcs
Joint bars for guard rail Joint bars for 25m guard rail 1581 sets
Guard Rail Spindle and Curved Rail 50kg/m steel rail 135 sets
Fastening System    Type I fastening system, Intermediate fastening system 206038 sets
Fastening System Type I fastening system, Joint fastening system 5386 sets
Fastening System Type I fastening system,Intermediate fastening system (Zinc-nickel coating treatment) 17966 sets
Fastening System Type I fastening system,Joint fastening system  (Zinc-nickel coating treatment) 440 sets
Fastening System Type II fastening system 1550 sets
Fastening System Pinch plate rail fastening, Intermediate fastening system 63934 sets
Fastening System Pinch plate rail fastening, Joint fastening system 1476 sets
1. The rail joint bolts of the newly-built main line track should use 10.9 grade high-strength joint bolts, the nuts should use 10 grade high-strength nuts, and the washers should use high-strength flat washers. Other related parts of the joints shall comply with "High Strength Joint Bolts and Nuts for Rails" (TB/T2347-1993), "Elastic Lock Washers for Rail Joints" (TB/T2348-1993), "43kg/m, 75kg/m Relevant requirements of "Technical Conditions for Ordering Rail Joint Plywood" (TB/T2345-2008) and "High Strength Washers for Steel Structures" (GB/T1230-2006).
2. The supporting fasteners of the station line adopt the elastic type 1 fastener, drawing code: TB/T1495-2020, type A elastic, and its quality should meet the relevant requirements of " Type I Fastening System" (TB/T1495-2020) .
3. The supporting fasteners for the newly built main line adopt type I elastic fasteners, drawing number: TB/T1495-2020, except for the type B elastic clips at the 14# guide plate, the rest adopt type A elastic clips. The quality should meet the relevant requirements of TB/T1495-2020 "Type I Fastening System".
4. Corrosion-resistant fasteners are used for tunnels with a length greater than 1km, and the fasteners are anti-corrosion using zinc-nickel infiltration layer technology. The main technical indicators and performance indicators of the fasteners after anti-corrosion treatment are as follows:
Under the premise of ensuring that the mechanical properties and geometric dimensions of the fastener meet the technical specifications, its antirust ability meets the following requirements: 1) For the fastener clip treated with zinc-nickel infiltration layer, the neutral salt spray test time is 500 hours, and the protection level is 5; The neutral salt spray time of other fastener parts is 1000 hours, and the protection level is 5; 2) The thickness of the seepage layer is ≥ 40um; 3) The color of the anti-corrosion layer is gray; 4) The mechanical properties of the product after the zinc-nickel seepage treatment meet the national (industry) requirements Relevant standard requirements.
5. The reconstruction section of the main line of the existing Jiaoliu Line adopts type II elastic fasteners, drawing number: special line 3351, and its quality should meet the relevant requirements of "Type II elastic fasteners" (Q/CR564-2017).
6. Guard rail
(1) The guard rail adopts 50kg/m rail, and the quality of the rail should comply with "Rail Part 1: 43~75kg Rail" (TB/T
2344.1-2020) and "Code for the Use of Steel Rails" (Q/CR583-2017), the relevant regulations for design speeds less than 200km/h.
(2) Guard rail fasteners shall comply with the relevant provisions of "New Type III Concrete Bridge Sleepers and Guard Rail Fastening System" (Q/CR535-2016), drawing number: special line 3448.
(3) The joint splint of the guard rail adopts the joint bars matched with the 50kg/m rail.
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