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20,800 pcs of P50 Joint Bar for Shanghai Chongqing Chengdu High speed Railway

Jun 24, 2023
The length of main line of Shanghai Chongqing Chengdu High speed Railway is 315.571 km (including 297.107 km of new lines and 18.464 km of existing lines). Ballastless track is used for the main line, and ballasted track is used for the arrival departure track, bullet train depot and maintenance work area, including 72.684 km of ballasted track laying, and turnout laying for Hanchuan East Station, Tianmen North Station, Jingshan South Station, Zhongxiang South Station, Jingmen West Station, Dangyang West Station, Yichang North Station and Yichang North bullet train operation station Track laying (including maintenance work area, line post and parking line), and track laying base is built in Zhanghe New District, Jingmen City. The track laying base mainly consists of two long track storage areas, production and living areas, steel rail drop hammer test areas, locomotive inspection pits, warehouses, and train dispatching command centers.

In 2023, Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT)provided 20800 pieces of P50 joint bar for Shanghai Chongqing Chengdu High speed Railway, which carried out TB/T2345-93“Technical Specifications for the Procurement of 43kg/m~75kg/m as Joint Bar”.

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