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Insulating Gauge Rods for Jingning Thermal Power Project

Sep 07, 2022
The Jingning Thermal Power Dedicated Line Project is located in Jining District, Ulanqab City. The total length of the track laying line is 7.22 km. It mainly involves the connection construction of the second phase station of Jingning Power Plant and the existing Jingning Power Plant Phase I special line. The key points of the blockade Coordination is extremely difficult. During the construction, the project team of China Railway 16th Bureau Group No. 2 Engineering Co., Ltd. cooperated closely according to the established plan, and quickly completed the removal of the line, leveling the track bed, pulling in the turnout, replacing the track, nailing the turnout, and connecting the rails, ensuring the safety of the turnout. Precise alignment, one-time molding, accurate and correct, has won unanimous praise from relevant management departments, owners, designers, supervisors and other units.
In 2023, Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. provided 90 pcs of insulating gauge rods for 50kg/m rails to the Jingning Thermal Power Project, the insulated gauge rods were carried out TB T 2492-2017 Technical Specification for Insulated Gauge Rods.
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