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59,796 sets DT III2 Fastening Systems supplier for Ningbo Rail Transit Line 8

Dec 27, 2023
The first phase project of Ningbo Rail Transit Line 8 passes through two rivers and three areas (Fenghua River, Yuyao River, Yinzhou District, Haishu District, Jiangbei District), mainly located in urban built-up areas, and generally runs in a southeast-northwest direction. The line starts from Jiangsu District in Yinzhou District in the southeast. Village, the northwest ends at Jiangbei Avenue Station in Jiangbei District, with a total length of about 23.3km, all of which are laid underground. The entire line has 19 stations, including 9 transfer stations, with one section and one section. The Xiayingnan depot is connected to Tiangongzhuang Station, and the Hongtang parking lot is connected to Training Center Station. Track engineering construction standard I construction scope: Construction of the main line, wiring and entrance and exit lines of Hongtang parking lot from Liyuan South Road Station (exclusive) to Jiangbei Avenue Station (inclusive) of the first phase of Ningbo Line 8.
In 2023, Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd.(AT) provided 59,796 sets of DT III2 Fastening Systems to the construction project of the track engineering section I of the first phase of Ningbo Rail Transit Line 8.
DT III2 Fastening Systems supplier - Anyang Railway Equipment