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8,000 sets of DJK5-1 fastening systems supplier to the Shenyang Metro Line 1

Aug 05, 2023
The east extension project of Shenyang Metro Line 1 is the eastern extension of the existing Line 1. The project starts from the section behind the existing Line 1 Liming Square Station in the west and ends at Shuangma Station in the east, connecting Dadong, Hunnan and Qipan. The connection between the mountain tourist area and the main urban area effectively promotes the development of the eastern part of the city. The total length of the main line is about 16.1km, all of which are underground lines. There are a total of 10 stations and 1 parking lot. Expand the existing utilization warehouse of the No. 13 Street depot to meet train parking needs to Line 1. The scope of the expansion and reconstruction of the No. 13 Street depot is mainly the expansion of the use warehouse, including the addition of 14 additional parking spaces. A new second-floor side span room will be built on the train inspection warehouse line and on the west side.
In 2023, Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd.(AT) provided 8,000 sets of DJK5-1 fastening systems to the Shenyang Metro Line 1 East Extension Line Mantang Parking Lot and the Line 1 Thirteenth Street Vehicle Base Renovation and Expansion Project.
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