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W14 Rail Fastening System (W14 Fastening Systems)

Flat Washer 
Screw Spike
SKL-14 Spring Clip
1. Dowel
2. Insulator
3. Flat Washer 
4. Screw Spike 
5. SKL-14 Tension Clamp
6. Rail Pad
Technical Support
No. Item Spec. Material Coating Quantity Unit
1 W14 Rail Fastening System       1 Sleeper Sets
1.1 Plastic Nylon Screw Dowel 31*165mm PA6   4 Pcs
1.2 Rail Pad 199*158*6mm EVA   2 Pcs
1.3 Angled Guide Plate Wfp-14k Reinforced PA66   4 Pcs
1.4 Tension Clamp SKL-14 60Si2Mn, 60Si2Cr, 38Si7 Electrostatic  painting, Darcoet,  Hot-dip galvanizing, Sherardizing 4 Pcs
1.5 Sleeper Screw with Plate Washer Screw: 24*161, Washer:25*25*3.5 Screw: 35# Plate:  Washer: Q235, Screw: Class 5.6 Darcoet,  Hot-dip galvanizing, Sherardizing 4 Pcs

1. Sdu 25 Plastic Dowels.
Sdu25 Plastic Dowel Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd

Polyamide (PA6) having the following main characteristics Characteristics of PA6:
* Dowel pull out force from sleeper min 60 KN.
* The high-quality dowels made of high-tech material are extremely loadable and efficient: Lateral forces are re-duced, this leads to a decrease in  the load on the sleeper.

2. Rail Pad
Zw692-7 Height Adjustment Pad Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd

The rail pad is manufactured from EVA.Its physical properties should meet the following table:
Physical Parameter.
No. Item Unit Performance evaluation Test methods
1 Tensile Strength MPa ≥ 10 ISO 527-4
2 Volume resistivity Ω·cm ≥ 108 IEC 60093
* The elasticity of the particular cellentic material ensures the compensation of vertical forces and with this, stable rail deflection; it also damps vibrations and minimizes the structure-borne noise.

3. Wfp-14K Angled Guide Plate
WFP14KAngled Guide Plate
The raw material of the gauge plate is glass fiber reinforced polyamide 6 with anti-ultraviolet and anti-oxidation functions, and its physical properties should meet the following table.
No. Item Unit Performance evaluation Test methods
1 Density g/cm3 1.30~1.42 ASTM D-792/ISO 1183
2 Melting point 255 ~ 270 ISO 3146
3 Tensile strength MPa ≥ 150 ISO 527-4
4 Bending strength MPa ≥ 200 ISO 178
5 Unnotched impact strength kJ/m2 ≥ 80 ISO 179
6 Volume resistivity Ω·cm ≥ 1013 IEC 60093
7 Glass fiber content % 30 ~ 35 ISO 3451

* Angled guide plates keep the rail in the track. The angled guide plates lead the forces intro-duced into the rail by train in the concrete. In this way, the screw-dowel combinations are not loaded by shearing and bending forces. The design of the angled guide plates addi-tionally supports the tilting protection.  Different widths can regulate the gauge.

4. SKL14 Tension Clamp
SKL-14 Rail Tension Clip Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
  • The tension clamps shall be heat treated to achieve a surface hardness in the range 40-46HRC.
  • he tension clamp mounted on Rail must achieve a clamping force of 2 x 10KN = 20 KN, per rail set at a spring deflection of 13mm. 
  • Fatigue test:5 million cycles,no fracture.
* The W-shape of the Skl 14 provides safety. For meeting the required rail creep resistance two highly elastic, independently acting spring arms steadily hold the rail down; the middle bend acts as an additional tilting protection. With its high fatigue strength, it resists the dynamic vertical movements that are caused when the vehicle rolls over the rail. The system is maintenance-free: Due to the permanently acting tension, Skl and screw cannot loosen, the middle bend prevents the spring arms from plastic deformation. 

5. Ss35 Sleeper Screw with Plate Washer
Ss35 sleeper screw with plate washer manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd

Mechanical properties of material should be as below:
- Tensile strength 370-500 N/mm²
-  Yield strength ≥ 235 N/mm²
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