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Type WJ-7 Rail Fastening System for High Speed Railway

Cast iron Shoulders
Side-post Insulator
Rail Pad
Toe Insulator
Type WJ-7 Rail Fastening System is a type of ballastless track fastener system developed to meet the technical requirements of the passenger dedicated line fastener system to adapt to the laying of various shoulderless and ballastless tracks. It is based on optimization of the original WJ-1 type and WJ-2 type ballastless track fastener system. The fastener system can be used in sleeper embedded (double-block sleepers and long sleepers) and slab ballastless tracks on bridges, tunnels and subgrades.
Type WJ-7 Rail Fastening System(also called Type WJ-7 elastic fastener), consists of T-bolts, nuts, flat washers, spring bars, insulating blocks, iron pad, insulation cushion pad, under-rail pad, anchor bolts, heavy spring washers, flat washers and it is composed of pre-embedded dowel positioned on concrete sleepers or track slabs. When adjusting the height of the rail, the height-adjusting pad (the adjusting height pad under rail adjusting height pad under iron pad) are used.
Technical Support
No. Item Performance
1 Suitable Rail type Chinese 60kg/m steel rail
2 Gauge 1435mm
3 Rail bottom slope sleeper or track slab with 1:40 rail bottom slope
4 Longitudinal resistance of rail In general sections, the longitudinal resistance of each group of fastener rails is greater than 9 KN; in low resistance sections, the longitudinal resistance of each group of fastener rails is about 4 KN.
5 System flexibility The static stiffness of type A pad is 30~40kN/mm, which is suitable for 250km/h passenger dedicated line (taking into account freight); the stiffness of type B pad is 20~26kN/mm, which is suitable for 350km/h passenger dedicated line; the ratio of dynamic and static stiffness is not more than 2.0
6 Dynamic and static stiffness ratio ≤2.0
7 Fatigue performance The fastener system has no damage to all parts after 3 million load cycles, the gauge expansion is less than 6mm, and the buckling force change is ≤20%; the rail longitudinal resistance change is ≤20%; the joint static stiffness change is ≤25%
8 Insulation resistance The fastener system is tested in accordance with EN13146-5, and the insulation resistance between the two rails is greater than 3Ωkm, and it meets the requirements for the insulation resistance of the rail circuit.
9 Harsh environmental conditions The fastener system can be removed smoothly after the 300h salt spray test described in EN13146-5.
10 Adjustment amount of rail left and right position Adjustment amount of left and right position of single strand rail: -6~+6mm;
Gauge adjustment amount: -12~+12mm, the adjustment level is 1mm
11 Adjustment amount of rail height Adjustable amount of rail height: 30mm
12 Buckle force and stroke Commonly used elastic clips (W1 type): single elastic clip buckle pressure is greater than: 9kN, elastic range 14mm; small resistance elastic clip (X2 type); single elastic clip buckle pressure 6kN, elastic range 12mm
13 Pull-out resistance of embedded dowel in sleeper ≤100kN
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