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Anti-Vandal Pandrol Type Elastic Rail Clip

Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) has 8 automatic rail clip production lines, realize the automatic loading, hot forming, and heat treatment of rail clips, the maximum output is 120,000 Pcs/day.
Technical Features
  1. Raw material : 60Si2Mn
  2. It is Hot Forged from Spring Steel Material Bar of 20 mm Dia
  3. Surface of Clip: It is free from burrs * rough surface and not injurious when Handling.
  4. Standard: BS
  5. Fisnish:  Plain, Oiled, Dacromet, Electrostatic Sprayed in place of Bituminous as China government has banned it due to high polluting factor.
  6. Hardness: HRC 42-47 range
  7. ISO Certification: Quality Management System Certification
  8. Packing: In Woven Bags Then in Pallets
China Anti-Vandal Pandrol Type Elastic Rail Clip Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
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