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Plastic Dowels

Rail plastic dowel is also called concrete dowel, concrete insert, rail plastic sleeve, plastic insert, etc. The function of rail plastic dowel is to insulate the fastener parts from the ties, so the quality of this small pre-embedded part into the concrete sleeper, especially its strength and fatigue life, is of great importance to the safety of the whole rail line.
Rail plastic dowel is one part of rail fastening system, it should be pre-inserted into the concrete sleeper separately before assembling the rail fastening system parts, so it can be considered as the fastening foundation.
Rail plastic dowel is a counter-party for the anchor bolt or sleeper screw spike, usually, it is used to guarantee the good connection and linkage of the rail fastening system with the concrete sleeper, with screw spikes or bolts.  
Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd can provide different types of rail washers with various specifications to meet customers’ requirements.
Technical Support
Product Plastic Dowels
Raw Material PA66, PA66+GF30%, HDPE, PA6 (Reinforced Nylon)
Standards UIC, AREMA, BS, RDSO, DIN, JIS, ISCR, GB, VALEC, GOSTR- EASC, GB/T or other upon requirements
Weight Depend on different models
Dimension Depend on different models
Package Moven bag, Box or other upon requirements
Delivery Depends on order
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