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Compromise Joint Bar ( Compromise Fishplate)

Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier to provide compromise joint bars, common joint bars, insulated joint bars, bulged joint bars(Joggled fish plates), damper joint bars, and glued insulated joint bars, etc.
Technical Features
Joint Bar, also called rail fishplate, track joint bar, rail joint bar or splice bar, angle bar. It is a kind of metal bar bolted to the ends of two rails to join them together in a rail.

Compromise joint bar is a type of non-standard fish plate consisting of two separate bars- an outside joint bar and an inside joint bar, these bars are designed to smoothly match the gauge-head face of two rails. Each compromise joint bar will provide proper alignment of rails on gauge line and top of head and prevent excessive wear at the joint.

Compromise Fish Plates(Bridge-shaped Rail fish plate), with screw holes in the middle, upper and lower sides along the horizontal axis of the screw holes are provided with upper working surfaces that are in contact with the lower part of the rail head, and a lower part that is in contact with the upper part of the rail bottom. In the working face, the rear part of the upper working face extends upward to form a transition section higher than the rail surface, and the transition section forms a bridge arch shape with a middle height and low ends along the length direction of the fishplate. The bridge-shaped rail joint bar has a simple structure, which can reduce the impact of wheels on the rail joint, increase the continuity of the longitudinal deformation of the rail at the joint, and improve the smoothness of the train when passing through.
In order to ensure the overall safety of railway turnouts, it is composed of the safety of each component. Therefore, although the fishplate is small, it plays a large role in railway turnouts. For the normal operation of railway turnouts, it is necessary to inspect and maintenance on the railway rail fish plates.

With over two decades of dedication and experience, Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) is able to provide customers with all kinds of fishplates by different standards, such as Chinese standard railway fish plate, Arema standard railway fishplate, BS Standard Railway Fish Plate, DIN Standard Railway Fish Plate, South America Standard Railway Fish Plate, UIC Standard Railway Fish Plate, African standard railway fish plate, etc
Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) is a professional manufacturer and supplier to provide different kinds of joint bars with round or oval holes, 4 holes 24'' or 6 holes 36'' such as 43-75kg common joint bars, 43-75kg insulated joint bars, bulged joint bars(Joggled fish plates), compromise joint bars, damper joint bars, and glued insulated joint bars, etc.
Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) also can supply special rail joint, such as thermit Welded Joints.
115RE-100-8 Compromise Joint Bar(115RE-100-8 Compromise Fishplate)
115RE-100PS Compromise Joint Bar(115RE-100PS Compromise Fishplate)
110RE-90RA Compromise Joint Bar(110RE-90RA Compromise Fishplate)
119RE-115RE Compromise Joint Bar(119RE-115RE Compromise Fishplate)
132RE-112RE Compromise Joint Bar( 132RE-112RE Compromise Fishplate)
132RE-115RE Compromise Joint Bar(132RE-115RE Compromise Fishplate)
136RE-115RE Compromise Joint Bar(136RE-115RE Compromise Fishplate)
136RE-119RE Compromise Joint Bar(136RE-119RE Compromise Fishplate)
136RE-132RE Compromise Joint Bar(136RE-132RE Compromise Fishplate)
Railway Rail Joints(Rail Joint Bars, Track Fish Plates) Manufacturer from China--Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
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