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TPEE Railway Rail Pads(Thermoplastic Elastomer Pads for Railway Rail)

Railway rail pad is installed between the steel rail and concrete sleepers, its main function is to reduce the shock and vibration in the rail fastening systems.
Technical Support
The thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPEE) tie plate is used in the track (sleeper) of the railway to reduce the vibration and noise generated when the vehicle is moving, and to reduce the vibration and noise of the track.
The new TPEE Tie Plate includes a backing plate body, and a plurality of bosses are arranged on the upper and lower surfaces, and is characterized in that the plurality of bosses (1) on the surface are arranged in a rectangular array. (2) It is a four-edge platform, and the edges overlap each other, and the bosses on the lower surface of the backing plate body are misaligned with the upper surface. new
High-elastic polyester shock-absorbing tie plate, low stiffness, fast elastic recovery, long service life, and environmentally friendly.
The new type of convex column on the front, the force on the bearing surface is relatively balanced, it has good elasticity, the ratio of dynamic and static stiffness is small, and the rebound speed is fast; the bearing capacity and fatigue resistance of the backing plate are improved, and the service life of the backing plate is greatly improved. The top of the convex column is platform-shaped, with a large force-bearing area and good structural stability to the track; the back is set with parallel grooves with alternate widths and narrows, which can minimize the stiffness of the entire backing plate on the basis of ensuring strength.
Product TPEE Railway Rail Pads(Thermoplastic Elastomer Pads for Railway Rail)
Raw Material Thermoplastic Elastomer
Specification as per drawing
Surface No Burrs
Standards UIC, AREMA, BS, RDSO, DIN, JIS, ISCR, GB, VALEC, GOSTR- EASC, TB/T or other upon requirements
Weight Depend on different models
Dimension Depend on different models
Package Moven bag, Box or other upon requirements
Delivery Depends on order
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