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Rail Insulators for Railway Fastening System)

Rail Insulators are also called railway insulation, railroad insulator, track nylon insulator, rail insulating liner, they are installed on the steel rails and tie plates to adjust rail gauge and provide electrical insulation for the railway rails, railroad clips and rail bolts, rail shoulders from the interior of a concrete sleeper. Its function is as like as rail pad, but due to it is installed on the rail foot, so it is thicker than the rail pad.
Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd supply E-type rail insulators, SKL rail insulators as well as Nabla rail insulators for E-type rail fastening systems, SKL rail fastening systems and Nabla fastening systems.
Rail insulators for E type Fastening System
E-type rail insulators are used in E-clip fastening systems, together with E-clips, rail shoulders and rail pads, whose function is to cushion the passing train’s stress onto the rail and make the rail back to position afterwards.
Rail Insulator for SKL Rail Fastening System
The Vossloh angled guide plates lead the forces introduced into the rail by train in the base plate first and then into the concrete. In this way, the screw-dowel combinations are not loaded by shearing and bending forces. The design additionally supports the tilting protection. Different widths can regulate the gauge
Rail Insulator for Nabla Fastening System.
Rail insulators are key part of the track fastening systems, the rail insulators made by Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. are made of high-quality plastic, which has higher heat resistance, wear resistance, mechanical strength and rigidity.
More and more railways choose rail insulators made by Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd, due to its good quality and best choice.
Technical Support
Product Rail Insulators for Railway Fastening System)
Raw Material PA66, PA66+GF30%, HDPE, PA6 (Reinforced Nylon)
Standards UIC, AREMA, BS, RDSO, DIN, JIS, ISCR, GB, VALEC, GOSTR- EASC, GB/T or other upon requirements
Weight Depend on different models
Dimension Depend on different models
Package Moven bag, Box or other upon requirements
Delivery Depends on order
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