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Rail Resilient Pads

Technical Features

The high-speed railway rail fasteners optimize the elasticity of the railway track with the help of an elastomer rail pad. This also contributes to the protection of the trackbed.

The ballastless track of the high-speed railway replaces the gravel trackbed of the ballasted track with a concrete trackbed. The elasticity of the track structure is mainly provided by the resilient pad of the rail fastener system. The stiffness of the resilient pad has a certain influence on the bending stress of the rail, the pressure on the sleeper, the displacement of the rail, the expansion of the gauge, the driving comfort, and the driving resistance. As the train running time increases, the stiffness of the resilient pad will increase, but it will not affect the safety of train operation. However, the increase in the stiffness of the resilient pad will have an adverse effect on the track structure. The excessive stiffness of the elastic pad may even damage the underlying foundation. Therefore, the elastic pad of the ballastless track fastener needs to have a reasonable stiffness.

By the use of highly elastic rail pads, the fastening system is not only suitable for high-speed railway tracks but also for conventional tracks, they can be used in severe cold areas and non-severe cold areas.

Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) strictly controls every production process, it has a QC inspector check the dimensions, appearance, tensile strength (before and after aging), elongation at break (before and after aging), compression set, working resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, static stiffness, dynamic and static stiffness ratio, fatigue performance, etc. Then Anyang Railway Equipment delivered 20pcs 20 randomly selected to China Railway Test & Certification Center Limited( CRCC) to test again, after strictly testing according to CRCC-00W-001:2018 and CRCC-13W-008:2012, CRCC issued Quality Certificate.
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