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HDPE Railway Rail Pads

Railway rail pad, is also called railway rubber pad, railway track pad, rubber rail pad, usually it is made of Polyurethane, Synthetic Rubber, SBR, NR, HDPE, EVA, natural rubber, etc.
Railway rail pad is installed between the steel rail and concrete sleepers, its main function is to reduce the shock and vibration in the rail fastening systems.
Technical Support
Product Rail Pads(HDPE Rail Pads)
Raw Material Polyurethane, Synthetic Rubber, SBR, NR, HDPE, EVA, natural rubber, etc
Specification 43-7-7, 43-10-7, 50-7-9, 50-10-9, 60-10-17, 60-12-17
Surface No Burrs
Standards UIC, AREMA, BS, RDSO, DIN, JIS, ISCR, GB, VALEC, GOSTR- EASC, TB/T or other upon requirements
Weight Depend on different models
Dimension Depend on different models
Package Moven bag, Box or other upon requirements
Delivery Depends on order
The injection workshop in Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd has 16 sets of Engel injection machines (2 sets of 350T, 2 sets of 450T, 5 sets of 650T, 3 sets of 850T, 4 sets of 1350T) and 1 advanced automatic drying system, specializing in the production of railways, automobiles, home appliances, as well as other nylon parts, and plastic parts. At present, the production capacity of high-speed rail accessories is as follows: 90,000 Pcs/month for gauge plates, 900,000 Pcs/month for nylon dowels, 450,000 Pcs/month for rail pads, 90,000 Pcs/month for height-adjusting pads, 1,200,000 Pcs/month for  insulating pads, etc.
China Railway Rail Pads Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
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