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Cast Tie Plates for WJ2 Railway Rail Fastening System

WJ-2 Tie Plate is made of QT450-10, which is the part of WJ2 Fastening System.
Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd can provide the rail tie plates applied in conventional railway, high-speed railway, and urban railway as per customer's requirements, each type of rail tie plate has its unique features in the process of utility.
Technical Support
No. Drawing No. Name Qty Material Weight or Volume
1 Research line 9705(08)-3 T-Bolt 2 45# 0.684kg
2 GB/T41 Nut M22 2 45# 0.224kg
3 TB/T1495.4-92 Flat washer 22 2 Q235-A 0.138kg
4 Research line 9705(08)-4b Joint rail clip 2 60Si2MnA 1.18kg
5 Research line 1114-3a Rail plate 1 thermoplastic polyester elastomer 272cm3
Research line 1114-4b Rubber plate thermoplastic polyester elastomer and Polymer wear-resistant material 272cm3
6 Research line 1114-3a Type-I tie plate 1 QT450-10 11kg
Research line 1114-4b Type-II tie plate QT450-10 11kg
7 Research line 9705(08)-11 Elastic pad 2 thermoplastic polyester elastomer 405cm3
8 Research line 1114-6 Insulator 2 Fiberglass Polyamide 66 93cm3
9 Research line 1114-7 Anchor bolt 2 45# 2.14kg
10 GB7244 Heavy-duty spring washer 30 2 65Mn 0.05kg
11 Research line 1114-5a Type-I iron flat block 2 QT450-10 0.58kg
Research line 1114-5b Type-II iron flat block QT450-10 0.50kg
12 Research line 1114-8 Plastic dowel 2 Fiberglass Polyamide 66 0.48kg
13 Research line 1114-10 Height-adjusting plate under rail 1 High-density polyethylene 25.4cm3/mm
14 Research line 1114-12 Height-adjusting plate under tie plate 1 High-density polyethylene 34.6cm3/mm

China Railway Tie Plates Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd China Railway Tie Plates Factory - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
China Manufacturer Railway Rail Cast Steel Tie Plates, Track Fasteners - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) has 2 automatic casting production lines, which are composed of the sand casting process, and the mechanized automatic molding has high production efficiency. They are suitable for ductile iron and steel products such as tie plate, rail anchors, first aid device, rail clamps, etc for conventional railway, intercity railway, the maximum output is 100t/day.

China Railway Castings Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
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