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GRP21 Tie Plates(Rolled Baseplate for Railway Fastening System)

Railway base plate(Rail Tie Plate), also called rail iron tie plates, railway casting tie plates, railway base pads, it is fixed between the rail and sleeper, which is one of the important components in the track structure and plays an important role in damping the wheel-rail power system. With the development of heavy-duty railway transportation, the axle load is increased day by day. While the rails are gradually heavier, higher requirements are put forward on the performance of the railway track tie plate, and the tie plate should have good vibration damping performance, impact resistance and long service life.
Technical Support
Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) has 2 tie plate rolling production lines, which mainly produce GRP21 tie plates for W300-1 Fastening System, the maximum output is 5,000,000 Pcs/year.

Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) can provide the rail tie plates applied in conventional railway, high speed railway, urban railway as per customer’s requirements, each type of rail tie plate has its unique features on the process of utility.
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China Railway Tie Plates for Rail Fastening System Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
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