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APC-4 Iron Shoulder(ARS-4 Railway Anchor Bolt)

Anchor-bolt fastening of ARS type(APC type)
Non-dismountable anchor of framed-and-arched type, arranged as a monolith in under-rail area of a concrete sleeper, is a feature of the construction of the anchor-bolt fastening of ARS type. This anchor clasps rail foot and unites operation of two clip assemblies consisting of two W-shaped bar-type clips. It allows applying this fastening on straight railroad sections, as well as on curved sections with radius 260 m and more, with a width of rail track 1520 mm and without any restrictions in freight traffic density. Such fastening does not need regular maintenance of thread joint, owing to its absence, and thereby
increases equal freight rigidity.
Technical Support
1. Overview of railway embedded parts
Embedded parts are components that are pre-installed in a concealed project. They are components that are placed when the structure is poured, and are used for lap joints when building the superstructure. To facilitate the installation and fixation of the external engineering equipment foundation. Railway embedded parts are metal components that are pre-placed before concrete pouring, and are used to connect underground metal fittings such as bolts or spring clips and other ground fastening devices. Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd.(AT) specializes in the production and sales of embedded parts used in various railway projects. At present, embedded parts products are widely used. Most of the embedded parts are made of metal, such as steel or cast iron, or wood, plastic, etc non-metallic rigid material.
2. Pre-embedded iron seat type elastic fasteners
Elastic Fasteners with embedded cast-in shoulder mainly refers to elastic rail fastener systems or fastening systems. The pre-embedded cast-in shoulder is mainly a railway pre-embedded part in the sleeper before the concrete cement sleeper is formed, and it can be used to match the E-shaped spring clips or bolts to be installed later.
3. Production capability
Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) has 2 automatic casting production lines, which are composed of the sand casting process, and the mechanized automatic molding has high production efficiency. They are suitable for ductile iron and steel products such as tie plate, rail anchors, first aid device, rail clamps, etc for conventional railway, intercity railway, the maximum output is 100t/day.
Railway Rail Anchors, Rail Clamps Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
APC-4 Iron Shoulder(ARS-4 Railway Anchor Bolt) Manufacturer
APC-4 Rail Anchor, ARS-4 Shoulder for Russian Fastening System
Product Specifications Weight Sleepers type Fastening type Product type Material Trade mark
Railway Anchors APC-04.04.005-03 4.5-4.7 kg Ferroconcrete APC-4(ARS-4) APC-4 QT450-10 AT
Item Technical specifications Test Method
Tensile Strength Rm≥450 MPa GOST1497-84
Yield Strength Rp0.2≥310 MPa
Elongation A(%) ≥10
Hardness 160-210 HBW
Microstructure Ferrite
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