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DHS35 Rail Spikes(DHS35 Screw Spikes)

DHS35 Screw Spike( with Uls7 flat washer) is also called DHS35 rail screw or DHS35 sleeper screw, it is the fasteners of W14 or W14R Rail Fastening System.
DHS35 Rail Spikes are used to fix the tie plate or fasten the rail to the concrete sleeper with the help of Sdu25 plastic dowel.

Technical Support
1. Appearance
The surface should be smooth and clean, and the product identification should meet the requirements of the drawings.
2. Size
Spikes and flat washers meet the design requirements of drawings;
3. Mechanical properties of spike
Physical tensile: tensile strength ≥ 500 Mpa.
Bar test: tensile strength ≥ 500 Mpa, yield strength ≥ 300 Mpa, elongation ≥ 20%.
4. Cold bending performance of Ss35 rail spike
The crack depth of the threaded part after the 30° cold bending test is not greater than 1.0mm, and the anti-rust layer and the superficial layer of the base material are allowed to have slight peeling, wrinkles and cracks.
5. Anti-corrosion coating
Hot-dip galvanizing, Dacromet, galvanizing.
China Railway Ss35 Screw Spikes Manufacturer- Anyang Railway Equipment
As the leading manufacturer of railway rail fasteners and rail joint parts in China, Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) produces and supplies various railway spikes and railway bolts such as screw spikes, dog spikes, track bolts, tunnel bolts, anchor bolts, joint bolts, guard rail bolts, and related nuts and washers, etc.
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