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Railway Construction Materials Supplier for Urumqi Railway

Aug 28, 2008

Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd.:
First of all, on behalf of the Kuibei Railway Construction Headquarters, I would like to express my sincere thanks to your company that has always cared about and supported us.
Since the beginning of this year, in the face of fierce competition and severe challenges in the market, the price of the steel market has risen sharply, which has brought unprecedented pressure to our procurement work. In this situation, your company has always been adhering to the operating principles of customer first, user first, and achieving a win-win situation. Work with us hand in hand to resist the pressure brought by the market, and we will work together through storms and storms, so that our production and construction can proceed smoothly. We have not forgotten the help and support given from you for a moment. We have truly seen a spirit from you, that is, friendship cannot be replaced by money at any time. Every step of our production and construction is inseparable from your company's strong support. We are always grateful for this kind of cooperation. Therefore, we hereby express our sincere thanks to this letter of thanks. I hope that we will cooperate more closely, walk through every milestone in the future hand in hand, and work together to achieve a win-win situation and create a better future on the journey.
Here to express our gratitude, thank you!
             Xinjiang Kuibei Railway Construction Headquarters
                                August 28, 2008