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Track Fastening System Supplier for Sudan National Railway

Feb 05, 2014
OpeRATION Certificate FROM Sudan National Railway

Our company went to the Republic of Sudan to investigate the progress of the construction of the Sudan National Railway. Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd was responsible for the production and supply of the track fastening system. Feedback from the construction company was that the track fixed fasteners designed and developed by your company was in normal use, and the timely delivery was basically  with the construction progress of the construction party. There was no delay of construction due to late delivery. The quality of the railway fasteners is stable, and the assembly with the sleeper is normal. Here, our company thanks your company for your contribution to the Sudan National Railway and hopes that your company can persevere and continue to carry forward the factory "export priority" principle in subsequent supplies to ensure the normal construction of the Sudan National Railway.
Thanks a lot!
                     Shanghai Huibo Investment Co., Ltd.
                                   February 5, 2014