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Railway Fasteners, Rail Fishplates for Kunming Metro Daliyuan Depot

Dec 31, 2011
China Railway 11th Bureau Group Co., Ltd. 
Kunming Metro Daliyuan Depot Project Department
                          User Certificate

Our company purchased the following goods from Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. in the Kunming Metro Daliyuan Depot Project:
1. 6,600 sets of P50 inspection pit fasteners;
2. 220 sets of P60 inspection pit fasteners;
3. 7900 sets of single-toed elastic fasteners;
4. 749 sets of special line 3316 rail fasteners;
5. 7160 sets of spring bar type I anti-corrosive fasteners;
6. P50, P60 and P60 improved fishplate and 1100 sets of track bolts.
Each set of fasteners refers to the amount of a complete set of iron, rubber, and nylon sleepers. All the goods are in good condition and hereby certified.

          Project Manager Department of Kunming Metro Daliyuan Depot, China Railway 11th Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

                                           December 31, 2011