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Railway Rubber Shoes for Concrete Sleeper


Railway Rubber Shoes, also called Railroad Boots, are set under the steel rails and concrete sleepers, and their main function is to play an elastic buffering effect. It can effectively improve the overall elasticity of the track mechanism, buffer the strong vibration and impact generated by the train when passing, and protect the roadbed and sleepers.

Technical Features
Features of Railway Rubber Shoes:
. Lightweight elastic rubber material.
. Hand-made layered structure, full of flexibility.
. Flexible and comfortable fiber lining is easy to put on and take off.
. Comply with SERVUS specification-100% waterproof.
China Railway Rubber Shoes for Fastening System Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
Railway Rubber Shoes, are U-shaped rubber elastic boots. The Rubber elastic boots can reduce the stiffness of the contact surface between the rail sleepers and the ballast, and enhance the friction coefficient and elasticity. Therefore, the sleeper rubber brake shoes can enhance the vertical and horizontal resistance of the sleeper and the ballast. Improve the bearing capacity and stability of the track, reduce the breakage and wear of the ballast particles under the sleeper, and at the same time enhance the elasticity of the ballast bed, and reduce the dynamic action and wear of the track and wheels. Meanwhile, the railway rubber boots are easy to disassemble, don’t require any tools and equipment, and are beneficial to the efficiency of sleeper laying and maintenance.
Railway Rubber Shoes Manufacturer from China--Anyang Railway Equipment Co., LtdRailroad Rubber Brake Boots Manufacturer from China--Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd has 26 sets of 200-1,000-ton rubber vulcanizers and 7 sets of 1-2,000-gram injection molding machines, as well as various advanced testing equipment, with an annual production capacity of 8,000 tons. According to customer requirements, we can provide various rubber products as OEM or ODM.

China Railway Rubber Shoes Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
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