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Chamber Filling Elements for Tram Tracks


In recent years, in order to solve the problem of urban residents' travel and promote the construction of urban ecological civilization, because modern trams with features of low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and have a large passenger capacity have been developed rapidly in the world. But the trackside asphalt is often cracked and damaged due to repeated rolling by vehicles. In addition, because trams pass through densely populated urban areas, the environmental vibration caused by their operation has attracted widespread attention. One of the main reasons is that the rail waist protection block in the rail wrapping material is not strong enough to provide sufficient support for the road asphalt.
In order to reduce the impact of environmental vibration on residents and buildings near the track, the track structure of the tram ground line adopts the polymer chamber filling elements on the rail web, and usually plant grass above the track to achieve the effect of vibration reduction. In this way, When a tram passes by, the vibration between the wheels and the track will increase the buffer, the noise generated will be greatly reduced, the vehicle will run more smoothly, and the ride comfort will be higher.

Technical Features
Nowadays there are more and more possibilities to mitigate noise and vibration emitted by railway transport to the lower levels. Among them, rail dampers with highly viscous properties placed on the rail web, fixed with adhesives or other methods, appeared as a new element in the railway superstructure. The elements are applied to reduce noise and vibration by transforming the vibration energy of the rail web into heat, through their large internal friction.
A rail fastening system in slab tracks must be perfectly sealed – in order to prevent stray current and to reduce the vibration in the track and thus also the noise loading of the train traffic.
China Railway Rail Web Element Manufacturer- Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd
The chamber filling elements(CFE) production line in Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd was specially developed for insulation of slab tracks in urban traffic. They are inserted into turnouts, soft concrete or grass and seal the rail electrically and acoustically.
The chamber filling elements(CFE) production line in Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd is composed of 500-ton and 700-ton hot presses imported from Germany, and the all-aluminum mold ensures the stable quality of the product in terms of density and size, the production capacity is 7 km/month.
Railway Rail Chamber Filling Elements manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd

Railway Rail Chamber filling elements(CFE) are made of tyre granulate, polyurethane adhesive and water. They are composed of an  external and internal element as well as an elastic rail foot boot. These external and internal elements are adapted to the re-spective superstructure of the track in cooperation with the customer.
China Railway Rail Web Element Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd

Chamber Filling Elements for tram tracks have the following characteristics:
  • Insulation and anticorrosion: Corrosion protects the scattered electricity between the rails and the the foundation under rails.
  • Flexible isolation: Eliminates the vibration of the railhead and road surface, realizes vibration isolation, and protects the asphalt road surface and the flexible material of the rail waist.
  • Sealing and waterproofing: the top is sealed to prevent rainwater seepage, delays the corrosion of the steel rail, and reduces the disease of the asphalt pavement.
Chamber Filling Damping Elements for Railway Rail Web Manufacturer - Anyang Railway Equipmente Co., Ltd
Technical data of Railway Rail Chamber Filling Elements:
Density  >0.9 g/cm³ GB/T 6343-2009
Tensile strength ≥ 1.1 MPa GB/T 10654-2001
Elongation at break ≥ 66 % GB/T 10654-2001
Volume and mass change due to water adsorption Volume change: no water adsorption ≤ 1 % GB/T 1690-2010
Conductivity in dry environment < 0.3 · 10-³ S/km GB/T 1410-2006
Conductivity in contact with salt water < 0.8 · 10-³ S/km GB/T 1410-2006

Compact damping elements for railway rails consisting of a solid plastic filled with ferrous metal.
  • To reduce airborne noise level (reduction of rolling noise and screeching in curves )
  • Simple installation
  • Maintenance free
Assembly of the rail web damping system
►If needed, the ballast under the rail has to remove
►Insert the damping elements
►Fastening the rail foot clip
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